Travelling Alone

Some people tell me they are proud of me. Some tell me I will find it liberating. Quite a few people tell me they couldn’t do it or wouldn’t want to do it.

Some get so choked up and uncomfortable I have to help them out. I lie. “I have a couple of girlfriends meeting me for parts of it”, (there is an outside possibility of that, most likely not); or “I’m going with my Italian teachers’ tour then branching out on my own for a bit”, (I did investigate that but was a bit too expensive for me and of course restrictive to what I could do).

The truth is, I’m going alone. There.

I could get into details about my husbands disinterest in long haul travel and Italy. I could rave on about finding myself and being grown up and brave. I’m not very brave, the night I booked the flights I couldn’t sleep I was so filled with fear. Since then i have the occasional pang of terror but mostly part of the thrill of this is the going solo.

I met a girlfriend for a coffee yesterday. In a relationship breakup funk she signed up for creative writing classes and she confessed she is using me as a character in her novel. A woman that travels alone to Italy and stays in convents. There I am, doing something that is so outside of peoples comfort zone but somehow fires imagination, undertaking the archetypal journey out alone into the world…usually undertaken in fairy tales by youthful males!

I have no idea yet if I will be content, pottering through my days, talking to myself, meeting others, catching buses and trains, looking at sites alone, or whether I will suffer with feelings of desolation and loneliness.

A wise friend told me to expect a bit of both.

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One thought on “Travelling Alone

  1. Travelling alone is liberating. Just do safe things, be on alert at all times. But enjoy the experience. Take photocopies of ALL of your documents and leave them at home or on a pen drive. If your stuff gets stolen or lost then you at least have photocopies that can be scanned and emailed to you from someone at home. Don’t keep all your money in one place. Disperse it. Some in your bag, some in a sock, inside a hat, etc. Bring a pashmina to cover your shoulders while visiting churches. 🙂 Have fun!

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