Secret Pockets

A headline in the online papers today : “New Zealand Olympian Tony Dodds’ luck has taken another turn for the worse with the injured triathlete robbed twice in Barcelona last week”.

His backpack was stolen at the airport with passport, laptop and €3000 in cash, then,… he had all his luggage stolen from his rental car.

So without making any assumptions about how his gear got away, (for fear of karmic retribution), this seems a good time to start to really evaluate how I am preparing for my trip with security in mind.


The usual money belt and neck security wallet are just awful for me. They look bulky and really obvious. I just won’t be taking them.

I am sewing secret pockets into my clothes. Little cotton pockets with a piece of velcro to hold them shut. I found Andy Lee Graham online and have taken some of his ideas. Unfortunately not all of his ideas are workable for women, When I had a practice run of putting my passport down my jeans or leggings or wool skirt they were clearly obvious and the corners protruded.

I’ve had to get a bit imaginative about where the pockets are best placed. Short of being stripped while being robbed I won’t be loosing everything.

I will have a bit of money and a card or two on my person. My handbag will just have todays money and maybe a debit card with only a small amount on it. I will also have my travel mobile phone with an inbuilt camera, a second hand one that I got for a fraction of what a new one costs and I’ll be leaving my Iphone at home. The most devastating loss that could happen for me would be to loose my photos and my jeans…( I love my jeans!).

I also won’t be carrying thousands or even many hundreds of Euros on me. In this era of automated cash machines, why does anyone need to carry thousands on them? And on a holiday for a few weeks, why does anyone need their best jewelry or precious valuables.

A girlfriend had her bag pinched from beside her feet in a cafe in Venice with €600. It was a very upsetting experience and impacted her in all sorts of ways. None of us are immune or can feel above something like this happening to us.

The best we can do is be thoughtful about what we take, how we are carrying our money, cards, passports and electronic equipment and weigh up the impact of a loss, versus the need to take each item.

Ideally, we would be wise to only take things we are prepared to loose, a bit like the financial advice given to investors, after all, they are both a bit of a gamble.

3 thoughts on “Secret Pockets

  1. I think you need to be careful while travelling, but don’t be too worried about it. I don’t think it is any more a problem there than it is here in crowded places. I have a handbag with an internal zipped pocket and the bag closes with a zip. I can carry it as a shoulder bag. The best thing you can do is look confident, not stand out as a tourist too much and be aware.

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  2. The moral of the story is… Don’t leave your backpack with a laptop, passport and 3000$ (seriously? never heard of an ATM?) unattended at an airport.

    When at touristy places, pay good attention to your stuff. Leaving your handbag at your feet in a Venice cafe is just asking for trouble. Money belts, “secret” pockets and such are an excellent way of telling every thief in the area where you keep all your valuables.

    A travel phone of a cheap model is an excellent idea, I may endorse it for my travels as well, thanks!

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