Getting Hooked Up

Whether to get mobile call and text packages? How much data to get? Take my NZ phone? Buy sim? Buy it in Italy or at home prior? Data roaming or not???? TIM, Vodafone, Wind providers? Ricaricabile o no?

Even, ….do I need a sim, micro sim or nano sim?

When did holidays morph from needing a towel, water and money, (and passport :)), to needing a cell phone, ipad, sims, data, chargers, headset,….

Featured image

This will be my new look while travelling:

Featured image

This is what I had hoped for:


For the sake of being able to blog and facebook I will now have stuff with me, security risks and feel laden.

On the other hand I will have google maps, google translate and duolingo, facebook, my blog, my music, photos….

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