Pazienza e fiducia

I contemplated whether to call this post ‘pack as though you will loose everything’ or ‘carry on bag survival kit’. Even, ‘don’t think you can control anything’. So I had a wild ride getting my feet on the ground in Italy. A ship captain hit a motorway over bridge in Hong Kong which meant the road was closed for inspection. This meant the cabin crew of my flight to Europe were late to the airport, so I missed my connection to Sicily. There is only one of those a day from Frankfurt.


Try finding this convent accomodation door in a dark alley.


The courtyard of my convent, that’s my room upstairs, number 37.


The corner of the road. A bit like a post war scene, which it probably is.


Quattro Canti.


So I spent another day in airports taking another two flights and in doing so loosing my bag. I arrived in Palermo in the dark, bewildered, exhausted and empty handed. The happy outcome is that by 9.30pm the next night it was delivered.  The key lesson for me was always keep my charger for my phone in my carry on. It was worrying watching my battery dying and with it all communication means.

3 thoughts on “Pazienza e fiducia

  1. Sometimes, Andreina, we need have a shake-up & lose some of those things that keep us attached to our current lives in order to find make new attachments and fully experience the delights of our journey. (You can always buy stuff anyway!) Keep going, with open eyes and a light heart! xx


    1. Yes, I must say as the time went by and I didn’t have my bag I decided to regroup and make some lists, under the heading ‘things I’m really gutted to loose ‘ was only 2 items. And isn’t it a strange thing that phone recharger would end up being top biggest loss….how life has changed!


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