Am I Lonely?

I have left Sicilia after 10 days and am now enjoying the Sorrento area.

I’m having so much trouble posting photos that I will have to wait till I go home to get stuck into that. For now I will have to just manage with 1 or 2 in a post. (It makes my phone hot when it’s loading???).

In the meantime there are questions I keep getting asked:

I will address these seperately:

1. Am I lonely travelling alone?

No, mostly I am honestly just too damned busy. If I am out and about, I am on my mission and pretty focused. In the evenings I mess about with my journal, a scrapbook of my ticket stubs and cutting up brochures, I read and of course I Facebook.

Facebook has been like having a cheering team along with me. I set up a private group before leaving home and I have 42 followers ‘liking’ my every move. I will miss the continual messages of love and support when this is over.

I come from a busy household with husband and kids so this short window of timeout in my life feels like a blessing. When I phone home or have bouts of messaging I never come away feeling sad. Just content.

And I have always been pretty happy with my own company. I’m an introverted sort of a gal.

And then, I am having daily encounters with people, fellow travellers and locals. I have been invited along on boat trips and to meals…people are everywhere. Maybe lonely will come , but hasn’t happened yet…..


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