Am I Using My Italian?

After a year of lessons I arrived in Italy keen to parlo Italiano. My first encounter was to let my convent know I would be late arriving. I called from Frankfurt having pre jotted some notes. I got as far as Buongiorno, mi chiam….and the person I was talking to cut me off and said English is fine.

That pretty much sums up my experience to date. Most people seem to speak some English. And if they do, they are keen to practice.

When I find someone that doesnt, a few nuns and one or two shop keepers I’ve met, it is so good. So much fun. I use all my very best Englian? Italish?, a crazy mix of Italian and English and they smile and nod and it all seems to work out well.

An exchange goes something like the following example of communication in a very cool gift shop in Sorreto that sells tshirts with the latest images from popular computer games.

“Mia figlio likes gaming, posso borrow una penna, scrivo the choices, grazie. Io telefonino lui and vengo back here domani.”

Amazingly he seemed to understand and I went back the next day for the one with the guy with the gun from call of duty advanced warfare. (Amazing what a 17 year old son likes for a gift from my travels 🙂 ).

These pictures are from the beautiful island of Capri. The first 600 feet above sea level at the top of the chairlift above Anacapri township. The second at Marina Piccolo where I had my 4th swim this holiday! I feel so blessed, great warm weather and simply stunningly beautiful country. Off to Naples now.

2 thoughts on “Am I Using My Italian?

  1. My Italian conversations were very similar when I went to Florence. Your right about the people wanting to practice their English lol I’m so embarrassed my my Italian so it was pretty cool that most people understand what I am saying


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