Stazione di Roma Termini

Rome is just wonderful. I love it. So much to see and do but also there is great pleasure in just being present here. The looking and listening and thinking.


What has been a surprise Is how much I have enjoyed staying by the station. I had thought it would be a bit rough and unpleasant. The reality has been quite different. I can get the metro easily and cheaply. I can also take a regional train out to other towns for day trips as easily.

Umbrian scenery from Orvieto.

So far I have set off for Orvieto, €7 there, €17 back for an hour and a bit trip each way. What a pretty town with a stunning duomo. I also went to Frascati for a day, €2 or so each way for a 30 minute ride. Great shops, delicious food.

An Autumn path to a Madonna in Frascati.


And then, I can be back in Rome for a passeggiata over sunset and be mesmerised by the starlings.


4 thoughts on “Stazione di Roma Termini

  1. So happy for you! I had the most delicious polpette (meatballs) of my life in Rome (and I grew up in an Italian family!) It was a little family place not too far from the Colosseum: Trattoria Valentino, Via Cavour 293. This is very close to Hotel Forum which has a lovely little rooftop bar with a great view. Not sure if it’s open this time of year but worth a visit.

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  2. I think part of the reason why a person enjoys the simple pleasures while travelling is due to the change a new place offers us. Since a traveler does not have enough time to become habituated to a place with a routine everything is seen afresh. I’m glad Rome and other parts of Italy are bringing you the ability to enjoy simple day trips and experiences with new insights.

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