Home Now

I am home and feel very satisfied and content. This is a nice place to be after feeling so sad and unsatisfied after my trip in 2014. There is however a big gap now. I spent over a year planning this trip. My life was full of language classes, Italian movies and documentaries, working hard to save money and longing.


I now have a large hole and the door is wide open. I am not sure if I want to carry on learning Italian, or if I want to plan another trip. I am just hanging. I think I will just hang and see where it leads me.


I am so very proud of myself for having traveled mostly alone for 37 days in a country that is not familiar to me. I feel blessed that I remained well in spite of not being able to eat much of the food & it turns out 50 Euro is enough to live on a day for food and travel (not including accommodation).

I made special friendships with travelers, non Italian locals, and Italians.


I am so glad I went to Sicilia and Napoli and Sorrento.

Most of all I love Rome.

I love Italy. And I love Italians. They went from being Italian people to me, to being people who speak Italian, over the course of my trip. So warm and kind and patient, (except for the guy in the hardware shop :)).


Arrivederci Italia.


9 thoughts on “Home Now

      1. Italy actually caters very well for those intolerances, I am surprised you had trouble. Especially in the south, the fresh delicious produce should have been right up your alley.


      2. You are absolutely right however I didn’t have cooking facilities and didn’t really eat in restaurants being alone so was looking for instant gf food, Arancini was a godsend!


  1. Bentornata! You must be so happy to be home. Congratulations on such a big journey on many levels. I have loved following your trip and hope you will continue to blog. And I especially hope that you continue learning Italian if will continue to bring you joy. All the best and un abbraccio!


  2. Oh Andrea!! You have accomplished a stunning journey, and you ARE fabulous and I DO hope you are planning another visit to la bella Italia! We have already planned a Le Marche / Umbria itinerary for you, with some great wineries & restaurants, art & culture as well as some big time chilling! I would be very disappointed to not be able to have you as our guest some time soon. In bocca di lupo, un bacione xxx.


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