On my way from Sorrento, it’s a grey morning with low cloud but the forecast is fine…

On the Island! Up the funicular to Capri township, and then onto the bus and up, up, up to Anacapri.

Then straight onto the chairlift up to the highest point on the Island. I am in heaven!

I’m leaning out over the barrier down a 589 metre drop to sea level.


The misty islands in the distance are the Faraglioni, we’ll come back to them…


The shops in Anacapri are pretty.

But it is the Church of San Michele which is the treasure here. It has a floor worthy of a post of it’s own.

I start to retrace my steps. I take the bus back to Capri and then another to Marina Picola. I want to get in the sea. (The group of people huddled together looking into the water in front of the red building are watching an Octopus which is later ceremoniously paraded around by it’s fisherman then killed and gutted right there on the concrete pontoon). And theres the Faraglioni, the 3 stacks of rock where many myths of the Sirens are set. 

After a gorgeous dunk and paddle, I take the bus back up to Capri. The sandals here are famous. There are many top brand designer stores and it can be an extremely expensive wee town to spend some time but a beautiful place to explore alleys and enjoy window shopping and the expansive views.


A day on Capri is a budget smasher, I spent around 75 Euro with only spending 4.50 on food & drink. All the rest was just simply getting around.

(The ferry 35, then buses 7 or so, funicular 4, and chair lift 10). I’m not sure where the rest went…but it was a fabulous day.

An activity famed on this Island that I didn’t do is a visit to the Blue grotto. I spoke to some on the bus that did and they loved it! Just fitting in what I did was a pretty full day. If you only have the one day here choose your activities carefully so you can make your ferry home.

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