Travel Mistakes

After reading a great post on the travel mistakes we all make along the way, it got me thinking about some of my own. Here are some of the most memorable:

Booking a transit time that is too close to allow for any delay: then missing the onward flight causing an 8 hour wait in the terminal, arriving after dark in the destination country, and to no luggage. (I may have had a little cry this night…)

Packing the mobile phone charger in my checked luggage: I’m then unable to chase the lost luggage or inform my accommodation of the delay as the phone is dead.

Taking a sick son up the Burj Khalifa: (after a bout of V&D from a dodgy chicken shawarma). It makes for a horrible scene, it’s hard to escape (830 metres up) and it’s a long walk to the taxi stand once back down at the bottom.


And on a similar note, Not taking travel sick pills on the bus along the Amalfi Road. There is a whole post on that :

Thinking that meeting up later in Venice sounds feasible: Agreeing to my son sleeping in and arranging to meet at lunchtime under the clock tower in St Marks square. Anyone who has witnessed summertime crowds in Venice will immediately see the problem here.

venice crowds

No snacks: being awake at 4am due to jet lag and last having eaten at 5pm the day before and feeling sick with hunger but having to wait till those first boulangeries/patisserie/ bakkerij opens in the dim early light around 6am because I haven’t any snacks.

Getting off the metro a stop too soon or too late: aiming for the Eiffel Tower in Paris but deciding to get off a stop early for a nice evening stroll and ending up with a 4 or 5 km hike as we got a bit lost, couldn’t find cheap street food, and finally staggering into Champ de Mars about 10 pm grumpy and starving.



Finding the most crazy, exploitative foreign exchange services: such as the Czech Republic McDonalds on the border.



And to my greatest shame, on my first visit to Rome, not recognizing sites of immense global cultural importance when I am standing in front of them. Not only because I didn’t know what they looked like but also because I was simply ignorant of what they even were.


On a positive note, it was this deep remorse that led me to do lots of learning and took me back that way a year later and then again.(I may never stop wanting to go back).




6 thoughts on “Travel Mistakes

  1. Love it! I could add to this – not booking a reservation on a train during high season and ending up arriving so late I had to take a taxi for about 80 Euros to get to my hotel. And having to make the hotel manager stay late so I could arrive at 11pm.

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  2. Some great reading here, Andrea! I am initially reminded of a couple of my own….wandering around Berlin clutching a map looking for the Holocaust Memorial, and finally sitting down on a spare bench moaning about sore feet, and cursing the map’s incorrect info – then looking at our surroundings & suddenly realising we were actually sitting on one of the blocks of the memorial. Then visiting the Pahar Ganj markets in Delhi at night, I though it would be soooo interesting – big mistake, very dangerous, followed around & threatened. But lived to tell the tale. I am sure I can drum up a few more.

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  3. In the near future I’ll be taking a Marshrutka (sort of a combination bus/van) up a mountain. Learning from your mistake, I’ll be taking the travel sick medicine. But I’m also taking altitude sick medicine, which, according to the instructions “increases urination.”.Great. So now I’m going to be stuck on a bus having to pee and throw up….

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    1. Should we be starting an “Embarassing Bodily Functions” post?
      I can contribute wholeheartedly, I can assure you all. Oh yes, several flooding to mind instantly.
      But no, let’s not go there! xx


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