Ugly but Loveable Souvenirs

This morning I decided to put together the Trevi fountain cardboard model that I cut out of a souvenir postcard from the shop at Villa Borghese for 2 euro. It was a fiddly little job and it doesn’t look very good and I’m not sure how long I will keep it and now, I’m surprised that I even bought it.

I threw away piece number 6, it was just too small.

I’m not an arty crafty sort of person and definitely not a knick-knack sort of a girl. I generally buy very little when I’m travelling. I want to stay luggage light and it’s the experiences I’m after. I also never want to spend much more than the cost of the travel.

So I came home with mostly practical buys, toiletries I needed to top up, and very small easy to slip in my bag items, regional playing cards, a Sicilian trinacria that my husband hates so I hide and a Christmas magi for my tree; a couple of bracelets, a singlet due to a cold snap the day I was in Orvieto, and my biggest expense a beautiful warm Italian made wool poncho…(I try to reassure myself that it was ok to spend the money,… it was getting cold in November and I was sick of my polar fleece…I really didn’t need it, it was a bit of an extravagance, …but I love it).

I did look at the bags and shoes. I was open to finding something wonderful but didn’t go there the last trip. Maybe this one?

I light up when my husband wears the cheesecutter cap and scarf I bought him in Rome and my sons wear their gifts, …a watch and other bits, socks, tshirts etc.

I think my greatest treasures for me is the scrapbook of all my tickets and receipts and maps. It tells a rich story. It was worth it’s weight! I carried scissors and a gluestick throughout my journey.

My scrapbook.


2 thoughts on “Ugly but Loveable Souvenirs

  1. fantastic idea to carry gluestick and scissors on your trip — I’m stealing this idea for my trip this summer! I always come home with a folder full of maps, brochures, menus, where they sit in my desk for eternity. Like you, I don’t tend to buy much. My favorite souveniers are things like empty water bottles (because they are so different that what you find in the states) and my photos that come home on my camera. Abbracci!

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