A Crazy Kiwi Gal With an Italian Heart

Liebster award

Liebster Award Rules

A big thanks to Stacy di Anna for nominating me for this award! https://prayersandpiazzas.com/

Prayers & Piazzas was one of the very first blogs I found once I started blogging that was so affirming and comforting for me. I had found a like minded Italophile! I was not the only one, I wasn’t crazy after all.

My 11 questions:

  1. Which five words best describe you? Profoundly curious about life, love & Italy (don’t count the ‘a’ words).
  2. What are you most proud of? My sons, my adult academic achievements (they were hard won), travelling solo in Sicily & Naples, (Rome was easy peasy after them), trying to learn Italian, being brave with my jobs, writing my blog & a book.
  3. How do you spend your free time? Walking, writing, resting, eating!
  4. Your top three books are: This can change at any given moment but currently Marlena de Blasi, any of them, Rumi & Susanna Tamaro’s Follow your Heart. (Dying to get my hands on Elena Ferrante’s Neopolitan novels next). (There’s a theme here, Italian and deep).
  5.  What’s your favourite city? Rome.
  6. Why did you start your blog? Therapy.
  7. Which teacher influenced you most? My heart, when I’m not listening she strikes me down, she can even render me bedridden with pain and grief until I start to let her lead the way.
  8. Who is your favourite musical artist? A bit like the books, this can change randomly, lets say currently, any song in the top 40 lamenting about love, (I can’t bare listening to old songs, they make me feel uncomfortable).
  9. Beach or mountains? I cannot choose between them, they both play a role in forming my soul but if I had to, then full immersion in big waves, in a wetsuit, with a body board.
  10. Red wine or white wine? White.
  11. Share a favorite quote. “Lose yourself, lose yourself in this Love. When you lose yourself in this love, you will find everything”. Rumi.


And because this makes me cry it’s so intense and human and raw and real. The divine Elizabeth Gilbert:

“When you are searching for a path in your life, and you see no options, and you just want to die, and nothing make sense, and you want to stab everyone at the office party, and somebody throws a crazy **** idea in your face that makes even LESS sense than the abundant lack of sense your life already makes? DO IT. You have to do it.

You will know the call of your destiny, because it will sound insane.

The call will not make sense. …

Do it.

That’s your LIFE calling.”

(Look up this quote in it’s entirety, it is beautiful!).

11 facts about me:

I am a wife & mother & full time worker & writer & volunteer, whew! (That’s 5!).

I cannot resist anything sweet.

I love watching Montalbano and Game of Thrones.

I am in my 2nd year learning Italian at the Dante school and it does not come easy for me. Imparo L’Italiano e molto difficile per me.

I am going to Italy for a holiday for a third consecutive year in September, wahoo!

I am a member of Slow Food and am going to their conference in Torino/Turin Italy in September as a part of my holiday.

I am currently chipping away at writing a book. My alter ego in my story is far more sexy & exciting than I am…


5 Others I am nominating:



gooddayrome | Living in a foreign language


(and it is here that this falls over. I have searched through all my beloved blog writers and apart from these delightful blogs most have more than 200 followers and some special ones are just not into these awards and I’m afraid of offending so will ask no more than these 3 fabulous women).

Their 11 questions:

You all live in Italy so my questions are geared to that:

  1. What is your favourite Italian food?
  2. What is your favourite Italian phrase?
  3. What is your favourite Italian place?
  4. What gaff has happened to you while in Italy due to language or cultural barriers?
  5. What can you do in Italy that you don’t do in your home country?
  6. Do you feel like you can be different in Italy to how you present in your home country?
  7. What mystifies Italian people most about you?
  8. What is the cheapest, best wine you get in your village?
  9. Is there anything you miss when living in Italy?
  10. What is the biggest, most common complaint you hear from the Italians about life in Italy?
  11. If you were making the same decision today about whether to move to Italy and to what part of Italy and everything that went with the move, would you do the same today?






One thought on “A Crazy Kiwi Gal With an Italian Heart

  1. Thank you for the kind shout out! I so enjoyed reading your facts & answers, and I agree with you — finding other Italophiles is very affirming! It has been fun to follow your journey. Looking foward to September and your book. Abbracci. 🙂


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