Fun & Games

With only 3 weeks to go until I fly out to Italy for September I am so busy I can’t think straight.

It’s hard to really fathom why I would do this to myself but in my wisdom I thought putting on an Italian themed event only 12 days before I go would be a good idea.

Event header


So, it is a fundraiser for the Slow Food branch I belong to and it is to raise the profile of the Slow Food conference I will be attending in Turin called Terra Madre Salone del Gusto.


We are putting on an aperitivi hour event with Prosecco, vino, antipasti and Italian inspired games.

The games are Tombola, which is similar to Bingo.

tombola 2

There is a quiz covering the gamut of Italian topics such as geography, history, general knowledge, film etc.

There is the name the famous Italian face.


And there is pin the place on Italy, very like pin the tail on the donkey except you can see and it is testing geography.


I have amassed some cute and tasty prizes…


…and found many spotify Italian music tracks to play.

I have speakers about Slow Food and lots of helpers for the day.

and I am desperately trying to get people to actually pay up.

My spare time from my full time job and being a wife and mother (read ‘what spare time?’) is in my new capacity as event planner and debt collector. Wish me luck. Dreaming of Italy is keeping me sane. (That and wine).


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