9 thoughts on “48 hours in Termoli for my 48th birthday.

  1. Hi, we visited my husband’s family in Termoli in July 2014. It is a beautiful place! I have written a few travel articles on my blog so far but plan lots more, especially about the trip to Termoli. Good luck on your upcoming trip! x Esther

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  2. Of course I had to read where you went in Molise – as in May I traveled to Molise to visit my grandfather’s village to celebrate my 70th birthday! It was so moving! I have to look on map to see where Termoli is because my time was all in the mountains of Campania and Molise.

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    1. I would like to read about where you went, I am planning to return to Molise next year to walk the Tratturi from mountains to sea through many villages. It would be good to hear about the parts of Molise you particularly enjoyed.


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