La Spezia e’ Stupendo!

My train got into La Spezia from Parma about 10am. I would be away on a train again to Torino at 3pm. And anyway, I really didn’t expect much, maybe a rough edged port town, industry, fishing boats, smelly, dirty…


It turns out, La Spezia is gorgeous. There are fishing boats and nets but they added to the character.

And actually lots of boats of all types.

Their were some characters.

Very beautiful buildings.



And it’s all set by the sea being the gateway to the Cinque Terre.

It was an absolute pleasure being here and on a return trip I would happily base myself here for a week with it’s great rail and ferry networks to the surrounding region.

3 thoughts on “La Spezia e’ Stupendo!

  1. I haven’t spent much time in La Spezia because usually we’re just in a hurry to get to the CT, but you make it look so lovely! Maybe next time we’ll have to spend some time properly exploring it! 🙂

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