Lace from Offida

Offida is a town in the Marche region between Ancona and Ascoli Piceno. According to wiki, Roman remains have been found here as well as tombs dating back to hundreds of years BC, but the draw today is the church, Santa Maria della Rocca, the town hall, the wine and the lace making.

My lovely friend Ann Marie gave me this lace heart for my birthday. 🙂

The local blokes doing what blokes do of an evening in any town in Italy.


Wine, lovely wine, very special wine. This is premium quality organic wine. See this post from



Santa Maria della Rocca.



The Town Hall in all it’s glory and within in the Piazza del Popolo.

It was a gorgeous evening…

There is no more a perfect word or place to venture for a sugar addict on her birthday evening.


10 thoughts on “Lace from Offida

  1. Oh Andrea,che bella serata! I am so glad to posted this, we love Ciu’ Ciu’ wine dearly, as you well know. Actually, as far as I know, all the wines in Le Marche are grown organically. In the whole of Italy the growers are only allowed to use copper sulphate to spray for disease. The difference being, one cannot guarantee ‘organic-ness’ when there is a road nearby or the farmer across the way is using something else on his crop of beans. To become certified as organic (vino biologico) costs an absolute fortune, but the market for foreign export demands it. The vintners have to create a huge buffer-zone around their property as extra protection. We will be back at Ciu’Ciu’ in Offida to stock up again next week!

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    1. I went out for dinner in Termoli and the restaurant only had tables of men eating together, when I asked where their wives were I was told the women are home. I guess they were getting things done! Men are on a great wicket in Italy aren’t they. 🙂


      1. I went out to dinner last night in Potenza and for the first 1/2 hour was the only woman in the trattoria – 3 tables of men – 11 in total. Then, a little later on a couple entered – maybe it was her birthday…

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      2. Profoundly different life for women in the south isn’t it. How blessed I feel to get to freely travel and dine out as I choose, to have witnessed these cultural differences.


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