8 thoughts on “A Pause in Posting.

  1. Andrea, the only thing you can do is send messages of support, it helps immensely that someone from the other side of the world is also feeling their pain.
    Wish them strength and courage.
    Testa basso e pedalare!

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  2. It is such a sad situation and, like you say, those caught up in the earthquakes again and again must be terrified and exhausted Re writing about her, I share the dilemma, but the way I see it is that Italy is like a beautiful piece of fabric with a sudden tear in the middle, but she is still beautiful and I feel we should say that, remind people of that, and let her know that we’ll speak of all she has … not just the wounds. I’m not sure silence will help.

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    1. Thanks for sharing that. You are absolutely right, silence doesn’t seem right. Maybe carrying on but with acknowledgement amongst the musings.
      Have you much longer to go? I’m mindful your changes are afoot.

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      1. Sadly, our time in Naples has now finished. We’ve been back in the UK for about a fortnight. I’m busy reblogging two years worth of Napoli posts and still have a few new ones left to write.


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