Papa Tosto

In the bel paese, Italy; in the region of Marche, in the village of Montalto, there is a wonderful apartment called Papa Tosto.



It inspires the writer within to wake, stretch and start to play.

It is the doorway to wondrous scenic strolls.

It captures a glimpse of Italian civic life, with a view out one window upon the Piazza where the Mayors office stands. In the same Piazza stands a statue of one of Montalto’s most famous sons, Giuseppe Sacconi, the architect and designer of the monument of Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome.

The other way, the apartment provides glorious scenes of idyllic Italian hills and valleys all the way to the Adriatic ocean.


This wee home is an easy stroll to gelato heaven, deli delights, and aperitivo pleasures.


There’s parking outside the door and equally delightful villages in every direction to explore. The ocean is within 40 minutes drive.


The market is Wednesday morning.


And the cathedral is beautiful, if in need of funds to keep her so.

An experience like this is all there for the drinking in, at a fraction of what it costs to stay in the tourist hotspots. (Where you may drink in so much you are at risk of drowning in the sea of tourists).

It’s slower, saner, more restful and a truly authentic experience.

And above all else, your continued tourist spend in these regions, just outside of the recent earthquake activity, would be very welcome and a way to give back.



5 thoughts on “Papa Tosto

  1. Lovely post Andrea. I agree that tourists are very welcome in small towns like Montalto, not only for their money to keep the small family-based businesses running, but also to give the locals a chance to show off their beloved towns of which they are rightfully very proud.
    But the best thing about visiting is that the next time you come back you realise you are remembered and re-welcomed as part of “la famiglia Montaltese”.
    Such a wonderful feeling of belonging.

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    1. Thanks for your comments Ann Marie. I have never experienced anything like being in Montalto having grown up in the city. I am used to being unknown and unacknowledged but here it’s all about relationship and people. So rich. I can see why you made it your home.

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