Parma without pictures…

I hammered that sucker in so hard. I was desperate for some charge. My mobile is not only my phone, but my camera, google maps, google translate, and of course, my direct line to my family at home.


I’ll step back a moment, I arrived in Reggio Emilia late-ish with my phone dead. The hotel reception could offer no solution. Their ancient recharge station was kaput.


After scouting my room for a while, I found most of the sockets were the skinny three pin jobs. My charger was a two fat pin more modern style. After a bit more thorough investigation, (even venturing into the hall to see what the cleaners did for their vacuum), I managed to find a hidden socket behind the chair and desk with a newer looking lamp plugged into it with a slightly more modern appearance. It looked possible. In I went. It didn’t really fit but it was the closest. With a good bit of determination I got that sucker in 3/4s of the way and by some miracle got a tiny flicker of life from my battery symbol.



Joy. I left it for a while and then returned to see if I could turn it on and retrieve any messages but just the action of handling it caused the tenuous connection to fail, poof! It was back to only a few percent of charge and then to die again. I persevered on attempting to get the angle just so, that I might get a little more juice but to no avail.


(I may have done damage, the lamp was not strictly working when I had finished, lets not dwell on that).

With a heavy heart I had to go to bed that night with no contact from home and, even head off for a day trip to Parma the next morning with no camera…:)


I may not have much to remember it by but the Piazza della Pace,the Duomo and the Baptistry are very memorable. And the shopping is fabulous. It is a lovely town, easy to navigate and much to see and do. If you are looking to stay in the Emilia-Romagna area, consider Parma. I think it may have trumped where I was staying in Reggio Emilia.

Very elegant, more to see and do and the sights are on a grand scale.

Image courtesy of the Internet.



Footnote. I checked into another hotel that evening where they were able to supply me with all the adapters I needed to fire my phone up, to my great joy. That is the real combination in the feature image…it may have also fired up my room and burned down the hotel if I wasn’t careful. 🙂 I only ever had this socket bother in a Monastery in Rome, and Emilia Romagna. Every where else to date has at least one socket that fits my phone somewhere in the room.


6 thoughts on “Parma without pictures…

  1. That is a scary looking electrical area. I’m always thankful when I have one workable plug in a room. Quite a number of years ago I remember being in an older facility that supplied a hair dryer. Problem was that the prongs didn’t match any in the room… I kept trying it and retrying it in the awkwardly located wall sockets, and finally gave up. Maybe the dryer was left by the previous guest…

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