Eating Thai in Milano

Milan has a grand fascist style train station, a great metro with 4 lines , very cool and interestingly decorated trams and is super easy to navigate. The food options are diverse, I had a Pad Thai at the station, a spud & egg meal in the Galleria by the Duomo and of course, gelato, Italian wine and Italian food. My accommodation hosts were of an Asian extraction I didn’t identify however there was no English spoken, (but very warm smiles and hospitality). It really felt the least Italian as Italian can be, further south, and the most central European area I have been to in Italy. I could have been in Austria or Switzerland. It is comfortable and convenient and a pleasure to visit.




Tickets for both the inside of the Duomo and the roof visit can be purchased at the ticket office to the left of the Duomo (facing it) and can also be purchased for a subsequent day. It is truly stunning both inside and out.



Sforza Castle was a second highlight for me. It was built in the 1400s and later enlarged ultimately becoming one of the largest fortresses in Europe. It is an easy stroll up the street from the Duomo or you can use public transport. I stupidly got a hop on hop off bus pass for the day, took it two or three stops to the castle then never used it again that day. What a waste of money! I just never got a handle on what stops to wait at and could walk the routes I wanted to see so easily I never waited long enough.


I never made it to see the Last Supper. I simply ran out of time.

The worn stairs moved me climbing the Duomo to the roof. They make me think of all who have walked them before me. After these 2 gorgeous brief days I was headed for home. This time was my last hours in Italy on this incredible holiday. And like the stairs, I was feeling a little worn. I wonder if I will go back. I can’t imagine how I couldn’t but we just never know what is in store for us. This week I heard of 2 deaths of people related to my work, it was sobering and a reminder about what is important in life.

Veni    Vidi    Amavi

I came, I saw, I loved…deeply.



4 thoughts on “Eating Thai in Milano

  1. I, too, enjoyed the roof of the Duomo as well as the Sforza Castle and its museums, but I also never made it out to see the Last Supper, and thought, “next time.” But as you say, one never knows what the future holds. Sorry to hear about the passing of your colleagues.
    But on another, completely different note, after seeing the comedy “Che bella giornata”, I’ll never think of Milan’s cathedral in the same way.

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