6 weeks out: blisters & bingeing.

How does a middle aged woman prepare to walk 112kms (70miles) over 9 days in Spain… …leaving for Europe in only 6 weeks?

That is 12.5km average per day or 7.5 miles. Some days 10km, other days 18km.

So this is what I have going on 6 weeks till departure:

-purchased beautiful new walking shoes for an outrageous sum of money.


-1st walk: (stroll) gave me blisters on both little toes :(.

-2nd walk: applied double layers of plasters, stood in a bucket of water then squelched my way round the block. Shoes still making my feet sore :(.


-took shoes to the shoe repair man for his treatment; shoes now not available for breaking in till he calls and tells me they are ready. Unknown sum yet to pay. Comfort level after treatment.. still unknown. (Beginning to entertain walking in running shoes even though this part of Spain is known by the locals as the rainy region…)

-in the meantime, increasing jogs from never to 2km at a time and walks from occasional to 4km often.

-insatiable hunger due to sudden exercise has led to uncontrollable scoffing; this past week having consumed a bag of marshmallows, after dinner mints, choc covered hokey pokey, a tin of condensed milk and a packet of gingernuts, usually a whole bag at a time.


-weight gain: it’s got to be a couple of kilos!

It’s not a good read looking back over this. Bring on next week and lets aim for better….jogs up to 3km and walks up to 5km. And hopefully shoes back and comfortable!

I’ll let Freya say something positive about travel to finish this post, after all, the travel is what it is all about.





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