She lives in London at the end of Westminster bridge closest to the Big Ben end.


She is magnificent. Boudica, (or Boadicea through the Victorian era),  was Queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe.

She is flanked by her 2 daughters in this sculpture (but they are not visible in most of my pictures).  She lived 25 to 61 AD.

UK Trip AprMay17 667

She had been subject to a flogging by the Romans and her daughters raped. This had followed her husband’s death and the Roman confiscation of the family’s rightful property.

She was very, very angry leading an uprising against the occupying Romans slaughtering them and torching Londinium, (early London), leaving a layer of ash nearly half a meter thick that is still traceable to this day.

100,000 fought at her side with losses to both the Romans and Britons of 70-80,000.

UK Trip AprMay17 665

She was a woman living around the very early ADs and she led 100,000 men to war, against the Roman army no less. She deserves this enduring memorial to her courage.

UK Trip AprMay17 666

The installation made in 1902 had the following words on a plaque beneath:



(William Cowper 1782).

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