My Symbols of Santiago

Torta de Santiago looks plain but is almondy, moist, sweet, deliciousness especially after a fair few kilometers.


Scallop shells are everywhere. You just have to look for them. The wooden pew armrest is in the Santiago de Compostela cathedral.

There are grain stores:


The Knights Templar are still keeping us safe in spirit.

UK Trip AprMay17 988

The Santiago de Compostela namesake, St James makes his presence felt.


And of course, religious icons are prolific and profound.

There are many beautiful, simple, Romanesque churches.


A pilgrims passport becomes prescious as gold.

UK Trip AprMay17 818

As are the people that give them to you.

A marker indicating the way is overshadowed here by a snail symbolising the need to slow down, take your time, let the Camino enter you and enjoy. An important symbol for me.

UK Trip AprMay17 820

Arrows of any description become magic, this one made from wild flowers. I came home with a sweet little bracelet with an arrow on it. It reminds me if I ever feel lost in my life just keep putting one foot in front of the other and the signposts to direct me will appear.

UK Trip AprMay17 855

Even my Paella dinner contained symbols.

UK Trip AprMay17 859


Any hardship we might feel now walking the way pales compared to those that have walked in centuries past and what they have had to endure. The image below is of what is now the Hostal dos Reis Católicos Parador in the Praza do Obradoiro square outside the Cathedral when it was used as a hospital.

UK Trip AprMay17 943


It has changed a little now being fairly luxurious accommodation. (I had the most sleep here that I had had for a fortnight of walking here, the pillows, the bed, the linen, the stationary…)

UK Trip AprMay17 1000

But still, many people camino not looking for comfort but for the true essence of what it is to be on a spiritual pilgrimage.

UK Trip AprMay17 776

At my completion, I was lucky enough to go to mass when the Botafumeiro was being used, (it isn’t always). This symbol of the Camino moved me to tears.

UK Trip AprMay17 945

There is historical significance everywhere you look. Symbols of the Knights and the Saints. History buffs can go mad with fascinating learnings to be had.

UK Trip AprMay17 944

UK Trip AprMay17 938

Food and fabulous people are what we remember. Pulpo and cheese puddings, mmm!

Ultreia fellow pilgrims.

UK Trip AprMay17 937


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