Seeking Italian Accomodation

Does anyone know of accomodation that might be available from February until May 2019 in Italy that I could arrange on a week to week basis. (If I were miserable I need to be able to give a weeks notice and go).


I am open to anywhere in Italy, however it needs to be well connected by public transport to a city. (I will need to walk to supermarket, metro/bus/train stations/stops).

It also needs to be self contained with kitchen, laundry facilities and seperate living from bedroom. (It’s too long for a studio or bedsit to be suitable, I would go mad!).


Most importantly it needs to have a desk and chair and wifi as I will be spending many hours writing.

And price…I have done a bit of research and websites for Rome longer term accommodation looks to be around €800-1000 per month, further out in the Naples/Abruzzo etc €350-500 per month so these are the sort of amounts I am thinking of. More than €1400 per month and I could stay at my trusty convent in Rome with a breakfast thrown in.


Id love to hear any ideas, referrals, website suggestions or areas to try.

10 thoughts on “Seeking Italian Accomodation

    1. Thanks Leonard, I’ll keep it up my sleeve but hoping for magic, synchronicitys and the road less travelled. With airbnb I have to feed in exact dates and name the place. I don’t want to do either yet and most especially don’t want to do the latter. If I choose the place I’ll keep going back to safe known places. 🙂

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  1. Andrea you might find some options on That is how we rented our place in Rome. You can browse by country and city allowing you to consider places you might not have thought of. I also found that the dates available on a particular listing are not always accurate, so if you find something you like, always inquire. Are you getting a Schengen Visa? Americans can only stay 90 days without a special longer-stay visa. Do you have the same rules?


    1. Yes, exactly the same, 90 days max without a special visa. Thanks for the suggestion, I have been on that site and that was part of the research looking at prices. It did have some places that looked pretty perfect! A few near the Sapienza university area where I have never ventured but looks like it could be good for everything…

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