Hunza in Alberobello

I expected to love Alberobello. I had seen images on travel documentaries. Everyone raved that I should go. Brimming with anticipation I caught the train from my base in Bari and set off for a day trip.

The iconic wee conical houses with their pointy roofs started to appear as the train drew closer out in the rural outskirts. I felt my excitement build.


The train arrived with none of them in sight so I walked up the road to the tee intersection. I could then see them to the right and signage here indicated more to the left.


I opted for left, strolled to the fountain where the view opens up of a whole town of them.

They looked Greek and clean and fresh with their whitewash and interesting symbols painted on the roof. It is like a fairytale village.

I followed the crowd and we made our way up and down through the windy staired paths. Most had shops inside selling postcards, lace, leather belts, and jewellery. I particularly liked the precious gold and silver leaves but they were a bit out of my reach.


I walked further back till I came to the church. It really was very lovely but through all of this, for some reason, I was just not feeling it. I wanted to, it is truly beautiful and unusual and interesting but it just wasn’t captivating me as I had hoped.

I came out of the church and there was the most wonderful sounds coming from a street artist. The music was special and beautiful and as I listened and slowly looked around at Alberobello, the music transported me to the place I had been trying unsuccessfully to get to. I bought his CD on the spot.

Now Alberobello is incontrovertibly intertwined with Hunza and his handpan.

4 thoughts on “Hunza in Alberobello

  1. I know what you’re saying. Sometimes these beautiful locations become so popular that they become Disneyesque, perhaps at a more sophisticated level with shops selling trinkets out of your price range, but they’ve somehow gone so far from their origins that they don’t have the charm you imagined.

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    1. Yes, there’s that and also how we feel on a given day?? It felt soulless to me and the music was what saved it. The music had soul! I’m in the midst of planning my Calabria travels in early June next year, 🙂 , Ive pulled out information from you and it is the basis of my planning, I can’t wait.

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