The Salerno Triangle: Surrounded by Wonderful on Every Side .

The tourist triangle of the 3 P’s includes Pompei, Paestum and Positano and sitting at the geographical center of these is Salerno.

I loved Salerno and would go again tomorrow if I wasn’t 27 hours away in New Zealand.


Salerno is easy to get to on the main trunk train line from Rome, Naples, Reggio Calabria etc.

Outside the train station is a long shopping strip which stretches to the right for long enough to feel fully satisfied with the shopping. It then turns into the via dei Mercanti of the old town and the atmosphere changes into something quite special.

Now there are Duomos, Palazzos, gardens, Castellos and forts to see but mark my words, you will be drawn to the sea front.

From here you can get on the ferry for 8 euro each way to Amalfi or 12 euro each way to Positano with beers for sale on board and off you will go and you will get the most phenomenal views of the Amalfi Peninsula that you can only dream of from that ghastly winding Amalfi Road.

When you reluctantly return to Salerno only because the ferry ride was better than possibly any experience you have ever had in Italy, you will find plenty of cafes and restaurants to fill up, (we went to a fish restaurant with lots of locals on  Via Raffaele Conforti).

The next day I would’ve set off for the Duomos, Palazzos, gardens, Castellos and forts but of course, Paestum was calling.

Don’t make the mistake I did, allow more time for this treasure than two nights. It would be a great spot for a honeymoon or any other kind of holiday for that matter.

Did I mention I loved Salerno?


2 thoughts on “The Salerno Triangle: Surrounded by Wonderful on Every Side .

  1. Nice post. I especially liked the shopping “long enough to feel fully satisfied” and “that ghastly winding Amalfi Road.” I remember arriving to Sorrento by boat and I’m sure it was just in my head, but I heard Pavarotti singing “Torna a Surriento.” And Paestum, well, is just wonderful.

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    1. Thanks Karen, I was a bit car sick in a bus on the Amalfi road! And yes, I enjoyed Paestum too, isn’t Italy endlessly amazing. There is always the next place to visit that you’ve never seen before. I found out about Alatri online last night and added that to my list.

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