Meri Kirihimete from New Zealand

The past two years have ensured I haven’t travelled internationally. Where I live, in New Zealand the borders remain closed until April 2022. I could get out but couldn’t get back in with out a lot of luck and a patch in managed isolation. My son recently emigrated to Australia and it wasn’t easy. There were covid passports to source, pre departure tests, tests upon entry in the new country, repeated tests, isolation, and on it went. Anyhow, the point is, what does one write about in their travel blog when one isn’t travelling?

I have gone back through my prior posts and done a little analysis on what was well received and what was not so popular. It turns out readers of blog posts are not so fussed on longer posts containing Italian history and culture even though these are the ones I most like to research and write. These readers are also discerning about what of my amateur travel related poetry they will read.

These readers, hereafter referred to as, discerning travel blog readers or DTBRs, do however have some favorites. To wind up 2021 after a dire year of almost no blogging. I am going to repost my top blogs.

Amongst them you will find those that were most viewed, most liked, and most commented on. I will make any spelling and grammar corrections that I notice, amazing how many mistakes I see now when re reading old work! I hope you enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Meri Kirihimete from New Zealand

  1. Terrific idea! I may have to steal this. While I had a great run this fall with a trip, I don’t have a lot of material for the next 10 months until we go to Europe again! I look forward to your choices.

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  2. Hmm… Have you ever thought that maybe your DTBRs are those few who read your longer posts? Just throwing the idea out there. My SEO plugin has a “readability” category that analyzes the text and gives lower scores for big words, complicated sentences, long paragraphs, etc. The theory is that your target audience (the plugin assumes this will be Average Joe) prefers not to be challenged. I pat myself on the back with the lower scores received. On another note, so sorry you haven’t been able to travel internationally. After living like a hermit for what seemed like forever, I finally got back to Italy this past fall. I hope you were able to move around New Zealand!

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    1. Hi Karen, I know! I followed you tour with a drool knowing how well you’d have looked after your group and what wonderful places you’d have taken them to. Your take on the readability had me chuckling. 🙂 Maybe I’ll also repost my worst received post, beware, it may be a piece of travel poetry.

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