An Amphitheater, a Super-volcano and a Vial of Blood.

The third largest amphitheater in Italy is 40 minutes or so on a train from Naples. On the day I went, there was one other tourist. Imagine, an amphitheater with zero queues! The largest amphitheater is of course the Coliseum in Rome. Think insane queues but magnificent. The second biggest is in Capua. Think Spartacus. The… Read More An Amphitheater, a Super-volcano and a Vial of Blood.


Pompei is way bigger than I had realised, it is not a village but a city. It is very easy to get to Pompeii on the train. The circumvesuviana train line between Sorrento and Naples has a stop practically by the main entrance. I paid €4.70 for the train from Sorrento and €11.00 entrance fee. I didn’t… Read More Pompeii


On my way from Sorrento, it’s a grey morning with low cloud but the forecast is fine… On the Island! Up the funicular to Capri township, and then onto the bus and up, up, up to Anacapri. Then straight onto the chairlift up to the highest point on the Island. I am in heaven! I’m… Read More Capri

Monte Cassino

Having exhausted the library service of travel docos on Italy, I resorted to watching a documentary about WW2 and the allied soldiers fighting the German soldiers in central Italy, particularly Monte Cassino. I was shocked to hear a New Zealander was attributed with having given the call to have the ancient monastery, (built approx 529AD),… Read More Monte Cassino