Pompei is way bigger than I had realised, it is not a village but a city. It is very easy to get to Pompeii on the train. The circumvesuviana train line between Sorrento and Naples has a stop practically by the main entrance. I paid €4.70 for the train from Sorrento and €11.00 entrance fee. I didn’t… Read More Pompeii


On my way from Sorrento, it’s a grey morning with low cloud but the forecast is fine… On the Island! Up the funicular to Capri township, and then onto the bus and up, up, up to Anacapri. Then straight onto the chairlift up to the highest point on the Island. I am in heaven! I’m… Read More Capri

No Photos

Some places I visited, I found to be so deeply moving, so spiritual, that I could not have rummaged around in my bag for my phone and then taken a photo. To do so would have felt disrespectful and somehow sacrilege. Sometimes these places had worshipers in such a raw state of prayer and devotion that they… Read More No Photos