The Samnites (or in Italian, Sanniti; Safineis to the Samnites themselves), were an ancient people living in central southern Italy from many hundreds of years BC until they vanished under Roman subjugation from around 80 BC. All photos are my own. I visited Molise in May and June this year and went to some of… Read More Sanniti

A Bleak Roman Outpost

In the very north of England near the Scottish border, the remnants of the Roman occupation live on. Vindolanda lies on a flat desolate patch of land exposed to the frigid northern UK winds.   There is a pretty gully where the cafe, modern museum, gift shop and toilets sit alongside a wee stream. The main site however, is desolate. Its… Read More A Bleak Roman Outpost


She lives in London at the end of Westminster bridge closest to the Big Ben end.   She is magnificent. Boudica, (or Boadicea through the Victorian era),  was Queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe. She is flanked by her 2 daughters in this sculpture (but they are not visible in most of my pictures).  She lived 25… Read More Boudica