Stumbling in Lecce

The old Lecce is a very beautiful city. The buildings are made of a unique limestone called pietra Luccese and it is predominantly built in  baroque style. (When I went looking for the laundrette outside the walls Lecce became more average). There are pretty alley ways wending between the tall buildings. Cool and funky bar’s… Read More Stumbling in Lecce


The Samnites (or in Italian, Sanniti; Safineis to the Samnites themselves), were an ancient people living in central southern Italy from many hundreds of years BC until they vanished under Roman subjugation from around 80 BC. All photos are my own. I visited Molise in May and June this year and went to some of… Read More Sanniti

Migrants in Italy

I have traveled to quite a few parts of Italy both rural and urban since this recent migration of people to Italy. (I am speaking of the recent migration of African people to Italy in this instance as of course African people living in Europe and Italy is not new with evidence dating back to paleolithic… Read More Migrants in Italy