Breathing out in Monreale

It is only a few minutes drive out of Palermo but Monreale is a world away. The views back of Palermo and the bay are serene and the village peaceful.

But of course it is the Cathedral that is the magic here. I took the open top, hop on hop off, bus and coming back to Palermo a huge full moon had risen and the sky was pink with the setting sun.



4 thoughts on “Breathing out in Monreale

    1. Rubbish, I seem to have gone into a strange state where I am finally totally immersed, but speak and understand less than ever. I am hoping I will emerge at some stage functioning at a higher level?? Also, of course, the ragazzi all speak some and want to practice their English, not patiently wait for me to find the words.


      1. Hang in there. I know what you mean about the others wanting to practice their English. Just force the Italian in situations where you know it (restaurant, shops, weather…?) If you’re in one place long enough, maybe you could find someone to have a coffee with and really practice your skills (they could practice their English too if desired). It’s hard to come out feeling more fluent just because of being immersed, plus you’ve got dialect to deal with. Just hang in there and keep your language learning hat on!

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