Little Things I Have Found…

Posso is a great word. It means ‘can I’ and I follow it with a bit of gesturing and it can be used for :

-can I try this on?

-can I use the toilet?

-can I take a photo?

Grazie is good too.

Most laundry can be easily done in the accomodation bathroom. (There’s a bit of a comforting ritual in rinsing your smalls every second night.)

A cheap warm tasty rice takeaway is called Suppli in Rome and Arancini further south. €1-2 for a warm belly.

Learn how to validate your bus and train tickets on day 1.

Cobbles are very bad for suitcase wheels.

People will endlessly want you to buy their hop on hop off bus tickets, scarfs, selfie sticks, umbrellas, or just plain beg.

Public toilets don’t have seats. And on that, if you are just getting a drink so you can use the toilet, ask if they have one. Some don’t.

Generally speaking you pay a cashier first then take the receipt to where the food is served.

Check for opening hours before you go. Places are often shut one day during the week.

Small villages shops all shut from 1-4pm.

Nobody has dinner at 5.30pm like my belly wants.

Italian etiquette is different. Be respectful and open to direction.

I’m sure I’ll think of lots more as soon as I hit post!

3 thoughts on “Little Things I Have Found…

  1. Ha ha!! I forgot how good I am at sussing out whether a bar has a bagno or not. Most decent ones do, and I have a mental list of ones down on the coast where we usually go. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going in & checking it out first before ordering. A lady needs to know these things! Sicurramente!

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