A beautiful Italian word rinascita is translated to mean: rebirth, revival, or spiritual enlightenment causing a person to lead a new life.


In French it is translated as renaissance.


There are restaurants and wines named for this word. Even a women’s group in Torino have the name. After release from jail, they can set off with their new life, sewing bags out of coffee bean sacks and selling honey at markets.

It was also the name of a communist political magazine.


I wonder if everyone has windows of rinascita in their life, or strive to. Perhaps it is thrust upon us. Or maybe, out of fear and at the risk of discomfort we shy away from it and keep our lives as familiar and routine as we can.

I hunger for it and gulp down bites once a year on my travels, …but need to gently keep the breaks on to ensure the well being of those I love.




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